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The Ultimate Session Zero Workbook

January 31, 2020

While getting ready to DM my own new campaign, I noticed there really wasn't a good resource for session zero prepping. There were a couple 2-3 page checklists out there, but I felt like they didn't thoroughly encapsulate all the things DMs should be reviewing with their players during a session zero. I saw a need in the community, and The Ultimate Session Zero Workbook was born! This workbook is perfect for creating a new campaign and setting expectations at your table. We put a LOT of thought and effort into this workbook and hope it makes your session zero both fun and easy to manage!

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Key Features
  • 24 pages of content
  • Great for both New and Veteran Dungeon Masters
  • Includes tips!
  • Question Key for DMs
  • Divided into 3 sections (Pre-Session Zero, During Session Zero, Post Session Zero)
  • Dungeon Master Worksheets
  • Player Character Building Worksheets
  • House Rules Worksheet
  • Setting Worksheet