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Watch one of our four livestream shows: Short Rest, our 'chat and chill' show where Daniel and Lauren play video games. Our Wizards of the Coast module focused show, Iron Valor. Fate's End, our mysterious live play Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew campaign show. Lastly, Twisted Veil, our Through the Breach Malifaux campaign show.

our twitch shows

L'Académie de la Dame Sous-Marine is proud to welcome our incoming first-years! These students enter as magickal fledglings, and will graduate as the finest of the chromatic world. Join us Mondays for this exciting Kids on Brooms Campaign!

Mondays at 7:00PM Central,
5:00pm Pacific

On Short Rest, we kick back, use up some hit die, and play video games while connecting with our viewers! Chat with us or ask us questions!
We also discuss highlights from our other shows that week and more!

Daily at various times