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Lorelei Wonders | Halfling Bard

Short, blonde curly hair bounces around her chin. As kept as a halfling’s hair can be. Her fair skin is pulled taught over her hands and feet, but full around her cheeks. Round features surround her glassy blue-grey eyes, open wide, as if perpetually frozen in fear. She wears a long burgundy coat that skirts her ankles. Underneath is a motley of black and grey leathers, cinched by a belt lined with discreet silver skulls. The soles are missing from her tall black boots, exposing the bottoms of her feet. Has a flute made of elk bone and a leather-bound journal with a carved wooden cover.

Urimir | Tiefling Artificer

His horns curve back and downward to a point below his ears with dreads. He wears his hair tied back in a ponytail that sits in between his horns. His eyes are black, his hair is purple, and his skin is red. His cheeks are probably stained with grease or oil from his tinkering. He's thin, mostly from lack of food growing up. He doesn't eat a lot. His metal arm is made out of different red, bronze, and rusted pieces of metal to match the skin tone best he could.
He wears an old cloak that has embroidered patchwork from his mother where she fixed the holes and tears for him. His smiths tools hang from his work belt, and he wears boots, mismatched in either size or type. All of his clothing is nice stuff that the richer people threw away because of some minor tear or hole or button missing.

Finnalai | Half-elf Cleric

He has shoulder length blonde hair, dark green eyes, freckles on his nose and cheeks to show a little of his 'human' side. He has a small scar cutting across the outer edge of one of his eyebrows. Tunic, a leather vest or armor, a cloak designed with green leaves (it's probably pretty tattered from his long and hard journey to La Cambria). He is followed around by his trusty baby pig companion, Snonk.

Samson Martis | Tiefling Druid/Warlock

He’s pale, like the moon. Two long curving horns start around his eyebrows, giving him a pronounced forehead, Klingon like, and run nearly flush to his skull as they sharpen to a point just behind his head, like an Antelope while it’s looking up. His jet black hair is braided and falls between his shoulder blades. When loose and wild, his locks flow wisply on the wind. His eyes are a deep sunset orange, with flecks of turquoise and gold, like the ever present dusk of the Feywild. His canines are sharpened to a point, and when he smiles, he could cosplay a vampire perfectly. He wears light leather armor or loose linen shirts. He’s taller, 6’5” or 6’6”, and has broad shoulders. He stoops through doorways and twists into narrow passages. He’s a back man, with rippling trap and deltoid muscles, taut, but strong arms. But his chest is thin, like his spine is off center. Those who take the time to look, or see him without clothes, may notice that he’s slightly off, like his proportions are wrong somehow, but it’s hard to put a finger on.

Roaring Bear | Human Barbarian

Straight black hair, long and braided down his back. His features are sharp, and his skin is very tan and weather-worn. He wears simple homemade clothing and leather accoutrements. Almost all his possessions are in a bag slung over a shoulder, and the rest are in small pushes tied with leather thongs about his waist. He has piercing blue eyes and wears a necklace featuring a bear canine flanked by two hawk feathers, beads made from lapis lazuli, red clay, and polished bone. A leather belt cuts across his chest and his head is donned with a swathed hood. When pulled up over his head, 65 ashen markings cover his hood.

Prayaria | Firbolg Rogue

Very long, fringe-swept hair placed haphazardly behind her large pointed ears. A thick braid goes down to her knees. She tends to favor light, leather armor for ease of movement with many pockets. She is very large, lean, androgynous looking creature with large, sharp eyes. She carries around a large branch staff that can bloom at her command. She has deep clay colored skin with a teal tint to it tipped red at the ends of her ears, nose, and fingers, and long, wild ash brown hair.