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Stargazer's Dropping on Friday!

April 20, 2022

If you missed the chance to back the Kickstarter, we have great news! Stargazer's Guide to Aroria is coming to DriveThruRPG THIS FRIDAY! Who's ready to discover their destiny written in the stars of this beautiful Zodiac-inspired campaign book? Get ready to explore the world of Aroria! Includes new monsters, subclasses, races, pantheon, introductory adventure and more!

We'll also be dropping our Astral Character sheet set, Gamemaster suite, and NPC Star Chart!

Also Dropping this Friday

  • NPC Star Chart - A quick and easy way for DM's to create NPCs and to reference other Zodiac sign characters. Files come in color and black and white.
  • Astral Gamemaster Suite - Includes an initiative tracker, condition markers to place standard sized miniatures on top of, and a magic item creator that allows DMs to create magic items quickly on the fly. Print out your magic item cards at postcard or trading card size. Complete with interactive fill-in-the-blank PDF. Files come in color and Black and White.
  • Astral Character Sheets - Includes 5 pages. Warlock pact magic sheet and spell sheet. Beautifully designed with the player in mind!

Since this is our first product published on DriveThru RPG separately. HOWEVER, they will be a part of a bundle on DriveThru RPG once we become verified. You WILL be able to get a bundle on our website upon initial drop!