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October 27, 2021

Pre-Order Store Open Now!

Did you miss out on the Kickstarter Campaign but still want to grab a copy of Stargazer's Guide to Aroria? Well, you are in luck! The Pre-Order store is now live! The store will only be available for a limited time! Make sure you don't miss out!

Limited Edition Cover

Have you seen the limited edition cover design stretch goal that was unlocked for Stargazer's Guide to Aroria?

The design incorporates lunar and astral frame elements from other pieces created (The NPC Star Chart and Character Sheet). The frame also gives off the feel of an old leather bound tome. You’ll also notice the central art utilizes sacred geometry that features an 8 point star. At the very center, you’ll see an armillary sphere. This is a key element from our original cover design. The design was inspired by old cartographer maps of star charts and compasses.

Astral Character Sheets
and NPC Star Charts

We have had a LOT of people reach out to us who are interested in the NPC Star Chart and Astral Character Sheets PDF downloads but DIDN’T back during their promotional time frame. We wanted to let everyone know that if you didn’t back during the promotional period, we are offering these as add-ons in our Pre-Order Store. You can add-on the NPC Star chart for $1 and the Astral Character Sheets for $4.50.


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