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July 19, 2021

Today is the day! Thank you so much for following our project to this point, we hope that you’re just as excited about the launch as we are and we want to invite you to be one of the first to back Stargazer’s Guide to Aroria!

Stargazer's Guide to Aroria is a 250+ page campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. The book introduces zodiac signs & astrology as a character creation concept. The robust rule set and lore driven signs help you create a unique character that is empowered by the celestial bodies. Got to the Kickstarter now to download a sample of Stargazer's Guide to Aroria below to learn how the new system works and preview the new Subclasses, Races, Factions, Locations, and More!

Everyone who backs the project in the next 48hrs will receive a printable NPC Star Chart, a quick reference guide to the Signs, that will make creating believable characters in Aroria easier than ever. The Star Chart also gives you a sneak peek at the Manifestations you’ll be getting in January, like The Hand of Retribution and The Swindle Twins.

Early bird specials are available for the first backers to our Quest Giver and Aspiring Hero tiers. Get them before they are gone!

We are thrilled to share Stagazer’s with all of you today, but it will take all of us to see this project come to life. So become a backer today and tell all your friends about it so we can empower this community and share in the magic of collaborative storytelling together! See you tonight on Fate’s End!