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Saying Goodbye | Playlist

July 16, 2020

This tabletop rpg playlist is perfect for somber and emotional scenes. If you're in a strong, character driven campaign, a Player Character death can be one of the most visceral moments in your campaign. All of the background work, all of the conversations, every moment, gone, just like that. It's an event that deserves attention and this playlist is perfect for the unfortunate occasion. Includes a mix of slow emotional orchestral pieces.

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The Death of Gideon Corviri

Running. Sprinting. Don’t stop. Can’t stop. Heart straining. Blood pumping. The thumping in your ears. It’s deafening. The heat. Sweat. Cold. Fear. Dream? Nightmare? Must be. Has to be. Reality. Can’t get enough oxygen. Lungs straining. Coward. Run faster. Coward. Faster. Coward. Faster. COWARD. FASTER. What if? An endless void of ‘What if’.

It can’t be. We are Gods. No. We are fools. What are you doing? What are we doing? Out of breath. Covered in blood. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Just as your heart rate begins catching up to you… so does the gravity of what just took place.

Gideon is gone. His last moments taken. He saved Virgil. He saved Ryn. Lastly…. And most finitely… he saved Duncan. The bet was made… the chips on the table. A life… for a life. A winner. A loser. The cards have folded. HIS cards have folded. His face… can you even remember what it looks like? Can you remember the sound of his voice? As reality reveals itself to each and every one of you… the truth seeps down deep. You know his face and voice will never be seen or heard again. So abruptly. Without warning. No chance to say goodbye. The candle blown out and plunged into darkness. You all fall to your knees to catch your breath. In the panting and exasperation silence falls upon this moment. Gideon is gone.

- Aroria Redemption | DM The Artist, Lauren Hodges