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New! Breach Battles

September 1, 2021

A new show is coming to Ink and Lyre, Breach Battles!

As season one of Twisted Veil comes to a close, something new and exciting is on the way!

Breach Battles is a skirmish-style tournament where Masters of the 8 Malifaux Factions will go head-to-head to claim the dominant power in Malifaux City! The players in this strategic story-driven horror/steampunk game use a combination of cards and miniatures to achieve their goals and lead their crew to victory.

Various cast members at Ink and Lyre will compete, but who will come out on top?

This tournament uses the Malifaux 3e system by Wyrd Games.

Join us every Tuesday at 8PM CST, starting September 7th as we begin the Breach Battles Tournament!

Watch from your favorite platform: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Trovo!