Ink and Lyre Shop Open!

November 15, 2019

First thing's first, we wouldn't be able to open this shop if it wasn't for our Patrons. Their support gives us the time we need to create the products that stock our store, and provides us with the extra funds needed to run an e-commerce store. Thank you guys so much! We love each and every one of you!

What's in Our Store?

Official Ink and Lyre merchandise! Tabletop RPG themed t-shirts, apparel, and accessories perfect for (D&D) Dungeons and Dragons players. Unique hand-drawn t-shirt illustrations and fresh DnD inspired designs! On launch, we have t-shirts, beanies, and jackets currently available. Keep an eye out! We will be adding unique items regularly!

Free Shipping On All USA Orders

That's right! Free! No surprise shipping added cost at the end of checkout!

Love Our T-Shirts?

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A new t-shirt design is released every month in our online shop. Each design is uniquely designed or illustrated by our Artist, Lauren Hodges. If you are a Lord and Lady Patreon tier subscriber. You get early access to that same design 2 whole months EARLIER than the public. Patreon subscribers also get access to ALL of our exclusive downloadable content in addition to your t-shirt. Join the Lord and Lady Tier today!


  • Beautifully Illustrated NPC Cards
  • Hand-Drawn Maps
  • Homebrew Monsters
  • Monthly Encounter Adventures
  • Homebrew Races
  • Unique Class and Subclasses
  • High-resolution printable Spell, Potions, Magic, and Beast Cards.
  • Exclusive WIP Patreon Lens Posts
  • Your name listed in the credits of all new encounters, maps, and races downloadable info PDFs.

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