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Faroshi Laidon | Free NPC Card

March 22, 2020

The past several weeks have been crazy for all of us. As we all social distance and quarantine, things are scary out there. So, to possibly make your time inside a little easier, we're releasing our March NPC Faroshi free to everyone. His encounter releases next Thursday and we'll be offering that for free as well. You can find Faroshi and his encounter free on our Patreon page.

Alone, Faroshi Laidon walks lazily beside the Languid river in the foothills of the Arorian Mountains. His shoulder length dirty blond hair is messily pulled back to reveal his Wood Elf ears. With dark skin getting tanner in the sun, Faroshi stops to rest in a shady spot beside the river. It’s warm this late spring day. Faroshi pulls a small leather map from his bag and begins to study for his position carefully. His face is quizzical and calculated as he works out the safest and most efficient route from here. A Drow hand, withered and taut traces the ancient map with broken fingernails before stopping at the bend in the river. “There you are.” he whispers before gathering his belongings to travel again.

Faroshi Laidon is a player-character owned by Tom Buurs of The Geeky Drinkers. Tom won our 4,000 follower giveaway on Instagram and we have immortalized Faroshi in Aroria . You can follow him on instagram @thegeekydrinkers and subscribe to his YouTube channel The Geeky Drinkers. In Aroria, Faroshi is originally from a small Wood Elf village north of Digbrand. Faroshi and the people from his village enjoy a simple way of life and seek to protect the forest, wildlife, and gnomes who inhabit the surrounding area.⁠