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2020 Year-In-Review

January 16, 2021

Congratulations on making it to 2021! Seriously, this past year brought struggles to all of us and Ink and Lyre wasn’t exempt from 2020’s rampage. We want to start this yearly review just by thanking all of you who have stayed with us this past year. It was a year of change and ambition. Here are few things that we accomplished together as a community.

  • Launched our Genesis series, a set of location modules designed with new GMs in mind.
  • Published 8 Dungeons & Dragons 5e adventures, including The Rouvalin Boys Last Delivery and Terror at the Harvest Hunt.
  • Reached Affiliate status on Twitch with over 350 followers on our new channel.
  • Successfully aired three TTRPG shows: Fate’s End, Iron Valor, and Twisted Veil.
  • Filled our online store with amazing T-Shirts each and every month of 2020.
  • Released countless tools, sub-class options, magic items, and other resources for players and GMs.

It hasn’t all been easy though, and we’ve come up short in places we would have preferred not to. The end of 2020 saw a decline in our publishing efforts and an increase in our Twitch entertainment. While we hoped to keep both up to our standards, it became clear that only one would retain our full-time attention. We saw the discontinuation of the Adventure Hooks, Origin Story, and Potion Primer series. We believe this content is better left in 2020, and we want to let you know what you can expect in 2021.

2021 What to expect

2021 is going to be an exciting year for all of us, and we are making some official changes to our Patreon. Here’s what you need to know.

First, we are an Entertainment company. Previously, we would have described ourselves as a Publishing company, but we have found that our Entertainment production brings more joy to our lives than just producing content. You’ve seen this in the past several months, we’re steaming four days a week and you can expect to get over 600 hours of content steamed on the Ink and Lyre Twitch Channel this year. It is our hope that you will enjoy being a part of our stories just as much as we love telling them.

Second, the Publishing side of Ink and Lyre is moving to a Kickstarter release model. New tools and resources for GMs and players are still important to us, and we enjoy creating them. But we no longer have the capacity to release those items weekly, and not necessarily even monthly. They will, however, be significantly larger and grander in scale. We have plans to release our first hard-back adventure module, a robust crafting and survival rule set, and a TTRPG cookbook this year! Of course, as our supporters, you will receive digital versions of all this content as a benefit, and earlier than anyone else.

Finally, we’re updating our Patreon tiers to reflect the changes in our content soon. We’re dropping the monthly t-shirt benefit from our highest level tier and reducing that pledge cost to $20. Patrons at this tier will receive hard copy versions of all of our publications in addition to the digital versions, but will no longer receive t-shirts every month. We will continue to release new merchandise on our website from time to time, but we will release those items when the inspiration comes to us.

We understand that the benefits we’re offering now may be different than what you expected when you pledged. We believe these changes are best for Ink and Lyre and hope you love what we’re doing and that you’ll continue on this journey with us. However, we understand if these changes don’t align with what you’re looking for out of us. If that’s the case for you, we still want you to be part of our community, even if you’re not on our Patreon. Subscribe on YouTube so you can keep up with our shows, follow us on socials, twitch, and patreon so you can keep up with our releases, and get involved in our discord server, which is opening up to the public. We’re including links to all these locations, and supporting our free content in that way is active support, and we can’t thank you enough for everything that you do. Let’s keep telling our story in 2021.

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