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Our mission is to create dungeons and dragons homebrew tabletop rpg content and tell stories that captivate the minds of players.

the bard and artist behind ink and lyre

Daniel Hodges

The Bard | Writer and Content Curator

As the 2nd son of a Southern Baptist Reverend, tabletop RPG’s did not enter my life at an early age. However, in the last year they’ve taken center stage in my life. I write all of the creative content here at Ink and Lyre. This means every NPC, Magic Item, Puzzle, Monster, and Adventure we produce starts in my brain. Writing short stories for TTRPG’s allows me to explore a concept, emotion, or dynamic in an extremely focused and comprehensive way that is unique to the medium. When I write stories, I try to create moments of realization that immerse the player so deeply into the game that they begin to feel the emotions of that character. Creating an environment where a player and character can share a genuine reciprocation of emotion is the ultimate goal for every story. I believe that goal can only be achieved through collaborative storytelling with friends and it is my hope to bring those magic moments to your session.

Lauren Hodges

The Artist | Illustrator and Designer

As a child, my ideal pastime was filled with art and illustration. I would pour over classic Disney ‘How to Draw’ books and let my imagination run wild with the tip of my pencil. So, it’s no surprise that I found my way into illustrating artwork for tabletop RPGs. They are, in this gal’s humble opinion, an artist’s ideal playground for the imagination. I create all of the illustrations and graphic designs at Ink and Lyre. All of the character art, bundle art, dungeon maps, item cards, social media graphics, and website illustrations are created by me. Like tabletop RPGs, illustration is an adventure. Each character, map, or item piece starts with researching history, brainstorming unique elements, and pulling those inspirations into the final illustration. These are the meticulous steps I take with every art piece.