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Fool's Gold Inn

Mustard | 100% Cotton | Unisex
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Located at the end of Andrin’s bridge, the gateway into La Cambria is the Fool’s Gold Inn and Tavern. This three story tavern is unique as the first level is at ground level, but the guest quarters dig down into the earth two additional levels. Each room uses the natural cave formations below to its advantage. Some rooms within the inn are more cramped than others. The most luxurious rooms are large with high ceilings. Stalactites drip down fresh water to hollowed out bowls on top of stalagmite columns that guests use as wash basins. Back on the ground level, specklings of platinum coins laying haphazardly on the floor. They shine against the warm fireplace and lantern light, tempting patrons to pick them up. If only they could. This is the perfect t-shirt for all those Fate's End fans out there!

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